If you're planning to hold an event where you'll have a band over, it's a good idea to hire marquees. Marquees are easily the most used event shelters and their usability is perfect for such an event. Below, find out why this is so.

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1.Easy to set up  

First off, a marquee is easy to set up. Depending on the size of it, it can be erected in an hour on average. Better yet, the company you're hiring the marquee from could carry out the installation for you as you concentrate on other aspects of organising your event. This saves you time and makes your work easier on such a busy occasion.

2. Better privacy for your guests

In some cases, it may be possible to pull off a band event without having a marquee. However, having one around is a great plus as far as privacy is concerned. People outside the marquee will not be able to see what is going on inside. Likewise, your guests inside will be at will to enjoy their time at the event without the prying eyes of the public.

3. Protection against the environment

Privacy aside, a marquee will help shield your guests from the harsh outdoor weather. During the day, it will keep the sun out and during the night, it will keep the cold and the chilly breeze away. More than that, a marquee will protect your attendees from the rain, dust, and even insects. Plus, if you want to cool or heat your venue, a marquee will allow you to better control the indoor environment to your liking.

4. Flexibility in size

When organising a band event, or any other similar event, you have to identify a venue that is able to hold all your guests. With a marquee, this is never a problem. That is because marquees come in all shapes and sizes. If you are expecting a small turnout, you can hire a small marquee. And if you expect a large gathering, you can hire one that will fit just right.

5. Looks more professional

Last but not least, marquee hiring makes your event venue look more professional and inviting. Your guests will not only enjoy the ambience, they will appreciate the fact that you have put effort into making the venue safe and comfortable for them.

And there you have it. So as you plan all the other details of your upcoming band event, don't forget to about the marquee as well.